"Brett Banducci's deftly nimble and mercurial musical voice takes us on unexpected journeys, from the vertiginous vocal heights explored in his orchestral song cycle, 'la luna ligada al mar', to the quirky, shadowy dance moves heard in his craftily enigmatic 'Basque Suites' for flute and ‘cello. This is music of constant surprise and delight."


Solo Instrumental

Current Projects and Commissions 2018/19: 

Rilke+Lieder for Countertenor, Viola, and Organ
(José Luis Muñoz, countertenor, Brett Banducci, viola, Douglas Cleveland, organ— Seattle, Jan. 26. 2019)

between you & You for Two Keyboardists (2 Prepared Pianos, 2 Toy Pianos, 2 Melodicas), and Viola.

(HOCKET, Brett Banducci, viola— Los Angeles, spring, 2019)

Scrolling Score:

Basque Suites (2011) 

Michael Matsuno, flute Stella Cho, 'cello


Two Pianos


Chamber Music

Mixed Chamber Ensemble

Voice and Piano

Voice with Small Ensemble


Solo Instrument and Ensemble